Contributing to ScopeFun (application) development

ScopeFun is an open source project continuously evolving however with limited development time. We welcome anyone interested in software development to contribute with bug fixes and new features.

How to start

The ScopeFun forum is the best place for discussion about the project development. Fell free to ask any questions and present your ideas in the forum.

Obtaining the source code

ScopeFun uses git for source control. We are using GitLab as our primary hosting platform for our Git repositories.

If you are new to git, please find and follow the many tutorials available, for example you can start here and/or read the git documentation on Gitlab.

Scopefun project on GitLab can be found here. The repository for ScopeFun software can be found here.

Bug tracking

Bugs can be reported on GitLab as issues. When reporting a bug, please include a detailed description, including instructions on how to reproduce it.

Compiling the code

Follow the instructions in the ScopeFun build documentation to set up a working build environment and build software from source.

Before you submit

It’s important to keep the codebase readable by all developers. Please make sure that the code compiles and is thoroughly tested before submitting.

Submitting the code

All patches should be submitted as a merge request on GitLab. See this How to create a merge request for new users on how.

Note: Your merge request will be reviewed before merging with the repository main branch.