How to get digital trigger to work?

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How to get digital trigger to work?
« on: June 20, 2020, 10:56:23 PM »
I'm trying to get the Scopefun2 to trigger from a digital pin.
I'm using an external digital generator to insert regular 3.3V input square wave in GPIO 0 and I'm also putting the signal into analog channel 1.  I can see the signal is clean and I can trigger using analog channel 1 OK and can also see the input into GPIO 0 (see attached image, where it correctly triggers and the falling edge of the wave can be seen in the analog scope and in channel 0 digital).

I cannot get the scope to trigger off the digital input.

I have set:
Digital pattern: all GPIOs are set as Direction Input
Digital channel: 0 is ticked to display it
Triggering: Mode Normal, Source External
Digital triggering settings: Stage is 1, Delay 0, Stage Start is 1, Mode is Parallel, all boxes are set to "X" except for lower right box which is set to "Rising"

Any ideas what is wrong with this setup?

Re: How to get digital trigger to work?
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2020, 12:40:01 PM »
I noticed in the FPGA firmware git repository that there was a commit:

commit 1e21b93a1e514abf218ec77978bbf366df344e43
Author: dejanpri <>
Date:   Wed Apr 15 10:04:52 2020 +0200

    rewrite LA_core, fix digital trigger, vivado version 2018.3.1

This was made after the last official release of the software (2.0.16).

I've built this version of the FPGA firmware and after loading this bitstream I can now trigger from the GPIO as expected.