Hardware sources updated on gitlab

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Hardware sources updated on gitlab
« on: November 25, 2019, 11:31:43 AM »
ScopeFun hardware sources on GitLab have been updated with the following changes:
  • added serial resistors on digital GPIOs (R_56R) to improve frequency response
  • replaced resistors on digital GPIOs: R_1k_0.5W 0805 -> R_470R_0.33W 0603 (reduces output impedance)
  • replaced capacitors C138 C139 (C_47uF) with C_10uF (reduces current draw during startup to avoid possible FX3 reset)
  • added optional GND screw terminal (GND_P2)
  • updated component descriptions
PCB boards ordered and delivered through crowdfunding campaign on Crowd Supply are manufactured according to latest hardware version (with above changes already included).