How to use the Analog Oscilloscope feature ?

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How to use the Analog Oscilloscope feature ?
« on: March 25, 2021, 01:37:50 PM »
hi there,

I have difficulty understanding the below lines from the User Manual.
All the oscilloscope setting can be controlled from the main software window. The ScopeFun oscilloscope instrument can be used like a traditional oscilloscope. User can adjust horizontal scale (voltage per division), vertical scale (sampling period) and offset (y-position). Trigger source, trigger level and trigger hysteresis can also be adjusted.

I tried connecting a pulse coming out of my hardware to Ch2.

and from the GUI, after hitting Open->Upload_Firmware->Capture, it not clear what to select to capture the signal .

What I assumed was
1)  "Capture" with time scale is the resolution - So, I set it to 2us
2)  Did not select ETS/FULL
3)  Select "Channel 2" from the panel
4)  Set "Capture" to 2V
5) The drop-down box for AC/DC was selected to AC
6) Adjusted  "Y position"  to move the Ch2 to wherever I wanted
7) Adjusted "Level" (assuming this as Trigger level) to above the "Y position"
8)  Mode selected to "Normal", Source to "Ch2", Rising, Re-Arm, and Triggered selected

I am not clear on what to do next. I tried multiple things but no luck. A little video would be helpful.




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Re: How to use the Analog Oscilloscope feature ?
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2021, 07:17:23 AM »
Hi, the settings seems OK in general.

I assume you are first connecting and uploading the firmware and getting a signal at zero volts (with no input).

If so, maybe your signal level is not reaching the trigger level or the frequency of the pulse is lower.
First of all, try to set the trigger mode to "Auto", usually it will be easier to detect signal in this mode.
What is the frequency of the pulse your hardware is outputting?
Capture 2us sets the horizontal resolution to 2us per sample, so that will be 2ms per division.
Also, make sure you have selected Channel2 as the trigger source.

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